Consulting Approach

Consulting by its nature is specific to a client and situation. Let’s start with a free consultation.

Sample Engagements

  • Project assessment and initiation up to 20 hours
  • An exploratory problem definition and mapping could span several weeks and involve 1-2 part-time consultants, as well as involvement of 1-2 client management and 2-3 subject matter experts.
  • A comprehensive modeling exercise of a significant problem will require several months of part-time engagement by a team of 1-3 consultants, as well as involvement of 1-2 client management and 3-10 subject matter experts.


  • The deliverable of a mapping or modeling project is not (only) the model.
  • Mapping a system and developing a model engage a team in a deep learning that will extend their knowledge, understanding, and intuition of their organization or situation. They will have greater knowledge of the problem and its environment, the variables that are involved, how they are related and what are the key drivers of performance over time.
  • The team learns new ways of thinking, learning, mapping, interacting, deciding, and understanding that will improve the organization’s ability for years to come.

How We Deliver

  • Uncommon services
  • Small initial scope
  • Structured process with scalable project management
  • Relationship management
  • Facilitated working sessions
  • Embedded training
  • A variety of tools and methods such as:
    • Strategy maps
    • Scorecards
    • Management systems
    • Outcome chains
    • Relationship diagramming
    • Causal loop diagrams
    • System dynamics models
  • Self-sufficiency – ideally, we don’t want you to be dependent on external consultants, so we’d like you to work with you to develop a staff member who can take on as much as possible of the maintenance, update, and extension of maps, models, and decision structures, with our support.
  • Engage other experts and consultants as required

Offsite or On Site

  • Our preference is to conduct sessions at your site to reduce overall costs. We can arrange to conduct sessions offsite.