Education Approach

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  • There are a lot of changes occurring in post-secondary and management education. Online learning changes the accessibility, convenience, and price of learning materials.
  • Have you tried online learning? How effective has it been? Is it helpful to pick up an online textbook or watch a series of lecture videos? For knowledge transfer, it’s probably as effective as in-person lecture. For development of complex skills with an interpersonal or flexible component, there are many advantages to the social environment of group learning.
  • Our current education focus is in-person training, and free and paid resources online. We may offer online learning in the future, and would be interested in partnering with you to design a program for your organization.


  • Training in thinking and problem solving is designed to improve understanding of the variables involved, how they are related, and how they drive performance over time. Understanding needs to be connected to decisions about actions. And actions need to be executed with a holistic operational, project, and change management mindset. (We can offer training and consulting throughout this spectrum.)
  • What’s the cost (time, effort, management attention, $, reputation…) of a bad strategic decision?
  • Every situation is different but the potential return on investment is many times the modest cost of training well applied.


  • No specialized background is required for introductory or entry-level sessions. All you need is the ability to be present and focus, and the willingness to think deeply, to learn differently, to interact, to be challenged, to follow a methodical and logical approach to achieving long-term results. Courses are not “easy”
  • Intermediate, advanced, and intensive sessions require familiarity with the concepts of introductory sessions. In customized engagements we will include sessions to refresh your skills as required.

How We Deliver

  • Uncommon subjects
  • In person
  • Quality materials and/or references based on leading experts
  • Time to think deeply
  • Address different learning preferences
  • Apply to your own situation
  • Flexible to class needs
  • Learn a couple of things well rather than everything poorly
  • Not blindly following templates and checklists
  • Networking and community
  • Interactive and dialogue
  • Individual follow-up
  • Less lecture and slides
  • A range of audiences and locations
  • Limited paper handouts
  • Lower footprint events

Custom and On Site

  • In addition to scheduled standard offerings, we are happy to come to your location (throughout Canada) and/or deliver customized education. Ask us for more information about other services customized for your situation.