Fair Representation

We make every effort to ensure that information on the website is accurate and up to date, and that it reflects what you can expect by doing business with us. It does not however, form part of a contract between us and any other party, except where required by law.

In case of disagreement between any signed contract and this website, the signed contract shall take precedence.

In the case of disagreement between the registration description of any specific event or engagement and this website, the registration description shall take precedence.


Information and recommendations provided by Thinkitation are to be considered information or input for clients to make their own decisions and pursue their own actions. While we make every effort to provide informed and reasonable recommendations based on our individual and collective experience, skills, and judgment, none of the information provided by Thinkitation on this website, in any materials, or during any event or consulting engagement, shall be considered advice for actions or decisions. Liability shall be limited to the actual cost paid for the materials, event, or consulting engagement.

Ethics and Compliance

Every effort is made to follow all applicable legislation and regulation.  We also aspire to conducting ourselves as good people. If you believe we are not in compliance, or behaving questionably, please bring it to our attention immediately so we can investigate and take appropriate corrective actions.

Good Faith

We operate on the basis of plain language and good faith, underpinned by formal agreements for clarity. If we are having confusion or misunderstanding, please let us know immediately.


We exist to improve things for our clients as well as our business processes and practices. If you have questions or concerns about any of the above or any other legal or regulatory matter, please contact

mailto: thinkitation@gmail.com