Who We’re Looking For

You have an interest in doing work with improvement as a focus, whether it’s social, environmental, or business.

We’re looking for people to work with us on web content, events, and consulting projects. Work could be deliverable-based, casual, part-time, remote, or project-based. We don’t anticipate full-time roles (but details will be listed below).

We offer/seek:

  • A longer-term relationship
  • Being part of a community and network
  • Opportunities for learning, personal and professional growth, coaching, and mentorship
  • Exposure to a broad range of industries and disciplines
  • Diversity of skill and background
  • Focused innovation and operational excellence
  • Work that is meaningful and interesting
  • Compensation based on deliverables
  • Pioneering and exploratory endeavours

Desired contributions/skills/background for future opportunities:

  • Researcher – secondary academic research
  • Writer/Journalist – article, case study, blog
  • Instructor – what would you like to teach
  • Facilitator – panel, feedback, strategic, process, etc.
  • Marketing and Sales – strategy, social media, communications, commission sales, research, customer service
  • Fundraising, community investment, donor relations, non-profit management, social responsibility
  • Office services – bookkeeping, compliance, HR, IT, knowledge management, reception
  • Event support – bookings, venues, logistics, payments, registrations, hosting, customer service
  • Consultant – systems thinking, system dynamics modeling, problem solving, strategy, etc.
  • Project Manager – non-technical projects
  • Domain Expert – experience with strategy, planning, mapping, modelling in a specific business or non-profit domain

Major Roles

  • None available at this time

Please send a resume and a letter describing what interests you about our business and what you would most like to contribute, based on both your current skills and your future learning aspirations. What opportunities do you see for us? We will consider you for current and future opportunities as they arise.

mailto: thinkitation@gmail.com