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You will be a test pilot participant for a workshop I am developing on solving complex problems using computer simulation and stock and flow models. Can’t attend this one? We can put on a custom session.

[For Leadership Calgary/Human Venture participants: The Human Venture Metaframework points to the need for understanding of causal architectures but most of us don’t have access to sufficiently powerful tools to model those architectures beyond simple situations. Other than that connection, I don’t plan to have many explicit connections to HV, though I think you will see them implicitly throughout. Being an alumnus/alumna is not a requirement. Sign up an interested guest; share selectively!]

Computer simulation is commonly used in many scientific fields, perhaps the most commonly known being climate change. System dynamics usually refers to the use of similar methods applied to non-technical problems. My interests as an educator and consultant lie in the business and nonprofit realms, in strategy and management, in solving some of the human and social development problems that organizations face internally and externally.

Some of you may be familiar with systems thinking and causal loop diagrams such as those popularized in the Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. System dynamics goes beyond the limitations of qualitative causal loop diagrams to stock and flow models that can be quantified using computer simulations.

As far as I know there are few practitioners of these methods outside academia in Canada. If you know of anyone playing in this sandbox I would love to connect. As with most methods there are many layers beyond the mechanics to enable successful application and adoption.

What you will get out of the session: an introduction to, or review of, systems thinking concepts and tools; an introduction to stock and flow models.

Discussion points will include: what needs to be added/removed/better explained; what potential is there for the domains you are involved in; who else might be interested; does this make any sense at all